List of LGBTQ-friendly wedding companies

Thanks to the involvement of many wedding service providers, we have created a list of LGBTQ-friendly wedding companies. Within 7 days, over 200 companies who believe love is love, regardless of sexual orientation, contacted us to join the list. We believe that the list will keep on growing.

This list is created for Couples who encounter difficulties in organizing a party in Poland. We want wedding and reception planning to be overflowing with joy and not lack of acceptance.

Weddings of homosexual couples in Poland – how does it work?

Humanist wedding of Arek & Marek, photo: Wizualni

Weddings of same-sex couples in Poland take place every year, although they are not subject to the same principles as heterosexual Couples. Usually LGBT couples decide on a symbolic humanistic wedding in the presence of family and friends. It’s a non-religious ceremony, full of personal content about the Couple, often enriched with a personal marriage vow. Both same-sex and heterosexual couples decide to choose this kind of ceremony.

Homosexual couples can regulate legal issues with a partnership agreement. Another solution is to contract marriage in a country that offers such an option, e.g. Germany, the Netherlands or Spain. Unfortunately, these weddings are not respected by Polish law. That is why it is so important for Poland to adopt a law on partnerships which will give equal rights to all citizens.

List of LGBTQ-friendly wedding companies

We are not waiting for legal solutions, we’re taking action now – for homosexual couples who decide to get married in Poland. Below you will find a list of companies, divided into categories of services.

Initiators of this campaign: Ślub Humanistyczny Joanna Humerczyk and BUNGALOW Design & Event

Here you can find the complete list.

Kamil Konieczny – Bungalow Design & Event, Joanna Humerczyk i Szymon Wieczorek – Ślub Humanistyczny Joanna Humerczyk. Photo Recuerdos

Read more about the idea: LGBTQ-friendly companies in wedding industry – we’re making a list!

Main picture: Photo Recuerdos

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